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How to identify who is part of the Community Moderation Team.

  • Amarielle the Community Manager is clearly identified with pink name and the rank High Purrlord in the sidebar.  This Discord rank title was suggested to Amarielle and he liked it.
  • Assistants are clearly identified with a blue text and the Assistant Rank in the sidebar.  As well as moderator work, these people also help the community in additional ways.
  • Discord Moderators are clearly identified with a green text and the Moderator rank in the sidebar.

How do I tell if Dodger is on the server?

  • Dodger is clearly identified with a orange text and the rank Weeb Queen in the sidebar.  She chose that rank name.  Really.  The only person with this rank is Dodger.
I need help on Discord!
Feel free to talk to a moderator if you’re having problems.

If no one is available and your issue is urgent, please open a ticket at https://support.presshearttocontinue.com