Server Info

Wanna chat with other people?  (Yes, you do.)

Simply enter these details into Teamspeak


Pass: butts

  • Push to talk is ENFORCED on this server.
  • Keep 18+ chats to 18+ rooms.


How to identify who is part of the Community Moderation Team.

  • Amarielle the Community Manager is clearly identified with a red A
  • Assistants are clearly identified with a blue A.  As well as moderator work, these people also help the community in additional ways.
  • Teamspeak Moderators are clearly identified with a green M.
  • Moderators not directly responsible for teamspeak moderation are clearly identified with a grey M.  They can step in with teamspeak moderation when needed.

How do I tell if Dodger is on the server?

  • Dodger is clearly identified with a Dodger face icon.  The only person with this icon is Dodger.

What about those other random icons I see next to some people?

  • Sometimes you will see other random icons next to names.  These are sometimes given to regular members at Amarielle’s discretion.  They convey no rank, and people with those icons are not staff or moderators.  They are just for fun.
I need help on Teamspeak!
Feel free to talk to a moderator if you’re having problems.

If no one is available and your issue is urgent, please open a ticket at